Toukley & District Cycle Club
Coasters ride around Budgewoi Lake, and Skylarkers Ride Up Crackneck
18 January 2019

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Photos by Danny and Ric

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Nice photo of everyone, except Danny, at Macchina Espresso at North Lakes, San Remo.
Daz, Dave, Linda, Di, George, Dennis, Kez, Paul, Mez, Graeme, Ralph, Ray and Col.

Very nice photo with Dennis, Kerrie, Paul, Danny and Merrilyn, with her new hairdo.

Friends who were squeezed out in the other photos, Linda, Diane, George, Dennis and Kezza.

By the time I stopped, the péloton had gone past, so I only got these malingerers, Dave and Darryl. Aren't these wonderful photos!

Skylarkers - Crackneck Lookout. Chris, Irene, JD, Tony, Dave and Ric
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