Toukley & District Cycle Club

Loop-The-Lake 2014

Photos from with their kind permission.
Photo numbers are shown in captions.
To view them and order high resolution copies,
click on this link to their website

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H2837 - Chris and Irene H3115 - John H3490 - Pam
H3491 - Richard H4368 - Heinz H5221 - Paul
H5362 - John again H5455 - Melissa (CCTCC) H5987 - Paul
H6118 - Trevor (CCTCC) H6276 - Margaret, Linda, Karen, Anne H6277 - Margie, Linda and Karen
H6278 - Karen and Annie H6279 - Annie H6453 - Pam
H5585 -
Chris and Irene by the lake
FredFred and Trevor

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