Fort Scratchley - 11 November 2015

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Photos by Carol and Irene

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Carol's photos first - Rolf, Alan, Ric, Richard and Ralph on the breakwater at Newcastle

The view from Fort Scratchley, NE

Al, Mike, Ric and Dick manning the fort, Nige and Dan behind

Our faithful guide explaining the time gun, which is fired every day at 1300 hours, exactly. Marshall and Col listen carefully.

A selection of our members, including all those with superseded shirts.

Heading back on the breakwater from our excursion to the outer limits

Irene's photos now - At the top of Fort Scratchley, with Carol at the back

Looking out over the port entrance and the Hunter River

Looking nor-east again, with Pam at the back.

Looking down over the Nobbys Beach, remembering the Pasha Bulka.

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