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Photos from Myrtleford Club Holiday - March 2018

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Photos by Danny

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Danny's car and cabin

Everton Pretend Railway Station, about 25km west of Myrtleford

Graeme, Jen and Irene watch as Shirley prepares our morning tea

Chris demonstrates the map for us

On the way back down the trail from Everton, Irene, JD and Chris

Graeme, Merrilyn, Pommy Richard, Karen and Dave

Richard, Dave and Chris B

Trooper Carol

Pam, Ric and Ian

Beautiful scene out near Lake Buffalo

Lunch at the Lake

Richard strides to the table

Chris, Cheryl, Irene, Robyn and Ric

El Dorado mining factory, which dragged itself along the creek for 17 years, extracting 2.2 tons of gold and tin, stopping only in 1954. Run on electricity cabled out over the water.

Continuous bucket excavation, all processed on board.

Control levers

Beautiful tree and bicycle at El Dorado. All the girls took off while I was taking the photo

Very pleasant lunch at El Dorado. The cafe had only 4 pies and nothing else to eat. Jenny, Carol and Karen

Linda and Lyn

Carol and Irene using the facilities

Quite warm at El Dorado today

El Dorado CBD

Bussed up to Beechworth, took the Gorge scenic route (5km all down and up)

Lyn, Linda, Carol, Debbie, Annie, Margaret and Ian, comparing shoes

Danny's bike amongst the sandstone

The Gorge from the bottom


At the bridge near the bottom, Moonie, Debbie and Margie


Carol and Linda climbed down for a closer look

From the top

Water running down between two pink rocky bits

Deep gorge!

Up at the Beechworth Bakery, Moonie and Carol munching on bee-stings

Pam, Margie, Jenny and Keith H

Keith and Lyn Stevenson

Carved tree stump at Myrtleford

Side view

Square dancing at Milawa with Lyn, Hans, Merrilyn,
another Keith (A), and Kerrie

Down at Yea in Victoria for morning tea, and a car show!

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