Pedro's 2020 Holiday Notice
Hi All,
I am proposing to organise a holiday in Europe in 2020 similar to that which 16 members are doing this year. If you are interested in the following POSSIBLE itinerary then please let me know by email. To make bookings simpler, I would appreciate it if you could find a partner for whatever part of the trip you wish to do, as all trips are on a twin-share basis and single supplements are not available on some sections and are also a very expensive addition to the cost. I will NOT be responsible for arranging travel partnerships. It will be up to the individuals to organise themselves. At present all options are subject to availability by the tour operators and changes may well have to be made in the future as required so DO NOT take the following as set in concrete.
The initial proposal is to do a bike/barge trip from Auxerre to Paris followed by a trip to Eperney on the same barge. Each trip is of 11 days and will cost approx A$ 3000 each. This will then be followed by a guided and fully supported bike ride from Paris to London following the Avenue Verte Cycle Route. This is a 7 day tour and will cost approx A$2300. These costs are per person and generally include all accommodation (twin share) and all meals except lunches on the Paris to London trip as well as a guide each day and bikes. Two E-bikes are available, at an additional cost, on the barge trips and any number on the Paris to London trip.
There will be a few days between the finish of the Bike Barge tours and the Paris to London tour that you will need to look at. These days will be at your own cost. All costs are based on today's exchange rates so could change in the future. Proposed dates are Auxerre to Paris 9-19th July, Paris to Epernay 19-29th July followed by Paris to London 2nd-8th August. If these dates are unavailable then I will look at dates in June and July.
You will be responsible for your own flights to Europe and getting to and from the commencement/finish points plus any additional accommodation outside the trips. You will also have to have full travel insurance for the full time that you are away from Australia.
You do not have to do all the tours but remember that your travel partner will have to agree to do the same tours as you or find alternative partners.
Looking forward to receiving your emails of interest in the near future. At this stage I can not give any specific details other than above.
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