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Thursday 14 May 2020 - Message from our Club Secretary
TDCC Club Rides have recommenced.
The TDCC Committee has agreed to start riding again in line with the latest published NSW Health Guidelines which in principal for the Club allows for gatherings of up to 10 persons while maintaining the current 1.5 metre social-distancing rule.

The Committee also agreed to the following guidelines for the well-being of all our members :
· Do not turn up for a Ride if you have any concerns about catching the virus from other Club members or the public while on a Club Ride.
· Do not turn up for a Ride if you feel unwell or have any of the known Covid-19 symptoms.
· Please let a Committee member know if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has recently tested positive or their immediate circle of acquaintances.
· The Committee will be keeping a close watch to ensure these guidelines are maintained as it will reflect on the Club and could lead to individuals receiving police fines if we are found to be in breach of the rules.
· The onus is also on each Club member to play their part. Please do not turn up for a Ride unless you are prepared to ride under these guidelines.
To keep our Ride Start numbers reasonable till further notice we have changed the Start location and times to the following :
Group 1 9.30am Start Jenny Dixon Reserve
Group 2 9.30am Start Peel Street
Group 3 10.00am Start Peel Street

Skylarkers 8.30am Start Jenny Dixon Reserve
Coasters 9.00am Start Jenny Dixon Reserve

* For Public Liability Insurance coverage, a Committee member in each group will maintain a list of who is on the Ride that day as individual members will not be allowed to handle or sign a Ride Sheet.
* Please maintain 1.5 metre social distancing at the Start.
* Be prepared to be a Ride manager or a Sweep if we have to split the group.
* If we have more than 10 Riders per group, the group will be broken into two groups or more depending on the overall numbers. Groups will take off 5 minutes apart. Not to meet up while on Ride.
* No riding abreast. At least 2 bike lengths between each Rider. No overtaking.

Chris Boi’s appointment
Please join the Committee in congratulating Chris Boi in taking up the position as Club Vice-President for the current Calendar year 2020.
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