Ride Risk Warning and Website Disclaimer

Conditions of ride entry:

Participants will be requested to read the following
and then sign in our Official Ride Log

Conditions of entry to any ride on this calendar, or any other organised club ride are:-

Read and sign on the official ride "Sign on Sheet"
Take note of the "Risk Warning" provided here.

Risk Warning:

As a participant in this recreational activity, I may be exposing myself to a risk of harm, including the risk of death. Toukley & District Cycle Club Inc., Ride Programmers, and Ride Managers, are warning me that there are risks and hazards inherent in cycling activities. I am responsible to take care to prevent putting myself, my fellow participants and/or others in danger. By signing the "Sign On Sheet" I accept the warning as to risk and I agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and obey all the Australian road rules. I understand that participation in rides organised by Toukley & District Cycle Club Inc. involves riding on roads used by other traffic and I am aware of the hazards involved. In my judgement I have sufficient competence and experience to participate in riding, repairing and retrieving my bicycle in case of a breakdown. I affirm that my health, fitness and roadworthiness of my bicycle, including the appropriate repair tools, are suitable for me to participate in the ride, all of which, may be assessed by the Ride Manager prior to the commencement of the ride. I hereby release, exempt and indemnify the organisers and all other persons involved in the ride from all actions, proceedings, demands, costs, expenses and claims whatsoever made or taken by any person arising out of my participation.
All Riders are strongly encouraged to have a pendant, bracelet or similar with them while riding that contains current personal and medical information should that be needed.

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